Puppy Training Day 38

This morning it was cold and sunny.

07:30am – Babe did awesome as always!

11:00am – session 1

I worked on cue discrimination again today and he did excellent.  Got the cues the first time with little to no prompting. 

He is really excelling and his attention to the trainer is amazing. 

I also worked on the length of his stay.  He did really well with this especially since there was a lot of noise going on around.  Super impressed with how far he has come and how well he is doing. 

Love working with him.

4:00pm – session 2

Today was just pushing what Babe has learned so far.  We worked on extending his stay in a down position.  He is close to holding this now for 1 minute which is great.  I also worked on combing his fur out a bit.  With the weather changing his puppy fluff is now shedding a bit and I worked on him relaxing as I combed him out.  At this point there in not a lot new happening with Babe which is great because it shows his progress and it is now about fine tuning all his behaviors.

6:00pm – play time and dinner.

7:30pm – play time and 1.5 mile walk.

10:00pm – play time and walk.

Some things to think about:

Water For Your Puppy

You puppy needs water. LOTS OF IT! To accommodate all of our thirsty puppies we have water bowls stashed around the training areas. Lots of water bowls so they can fill up anytime they need to.

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