Puppy Training Day 1


Babe is an 8 week old black German Shepherd puppy from Kennel Von Weise. This is a journal of his training journey in the Elite Puppy Training Resident Program.

7am – Wake up, play time and then breakfast.

11am Session – worked walking on leash, whistle recall, ultimate workout and sit. He did really good with each rep of each behavior!

4pm Session – it started raining really hard so we did the session in the garage. Ultimate workout, sit, whistle recall and house. He was phenomenal with crating!

5:30pm – play time and then dinner.

7:30pm – play time and walk.

9:45pm – play time and walk.

Each time we pull him out of the crate he gets a chance to pee, drink and then it’s play as well as a walk.

By the way, the silly image is part of the video! He was running around the garage like a ghost under that towel😂

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