Puppy Training Day 2


Today the sun was shining and bright and it wasn’t too cold.

07:30am – He came out of the crate, yelled a bit and then we went to pee. After which we went on a short walk where he got a chance to poop – nice solid poop. It sounds strange but you should get very familiar with your puppies poop – is it solid? is it runny? Then we went to the outside kennel and he had his breakfast – 1 cup of dry kibble. He yelled for less than 3 minutes after I put him back in the kennel..

11:30am – Session 1 we worked place for the first time, house, whistle recall, kennel and sit. He was absolutely incredible!!! He only ate about 1/2 cup of the dry kibble but he’s loving his hot dog (training treats) so I’m not concerned about how much he ate. He’s only been with us for less than 48 hours, as the travel leaves his body he will normalize. He yelled for less than 1 minute after I put him back in the kennel.

4:15pm – Session 2 got a delayed start. There were kids climbing trees in the wooded lot behind our house and Babe could see them without any obstructions. So he does what any sane puppy would do: he started yelling and screaming at them. The problem was I had to get the session going and done to keep him on schedule for the rest of the day. So here’s what I did: I waited. That’s it. Nothing dramatic, I just waited until he was quiet for about a minute and then I got him. We worked place, house, whistle recall, ultimate workout and name recall. As expected he rocked every behavior – definitely a super dog!

5:45 – play time and then dinner.

7:45 – play time and walk.

2000 – play time and walk.

Todays focus was for him to always be moving towards us – we only want the puppy to move away from us if he is exploring or sent on a behavior. At all other times we want him near us, with a leash on which extends the length of our arms.

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