Puppy Training Day 12


Today it was a cold morning and overcast – about 20 degrees warmer than yesterday.

07:00am – As always he squawked to let us know he was awake and then it became a game of waiting for when he quieted down to let him out. Same story, different morning!

We walked, he pooped twice – we came back, he drank some water and came with me to get his breakfast. We then walked to the kennel and I gave him his breakfast.

11:00am – Session 1.

We walked to the front yard with the crate. Placing it in different areas he performed “house” extremely well – 100% of the time. I then put the crate on the front porch, about 18 inches high. The idea is for the puppy to hear the command but present a new way to achieve the criteria. In this case jump into the crate.

He got stranded with his front paws in and his back paws out! It’s just a matter of a little more coordination and he’ll have no problem jumping into the crate on the porch.

Since Babe is a German Shepherd when he’s an adult he’ll be easily able to jump into a pick up truck into his crate.

After winning there we worked whistle recall, down, stay and ultimate workout. He did outstanding on everything.

4:00pm – Session 2 .

Babe was patiently waiting for me to get going this afternoon.  

Today I moved things around and as I was leading him to the field I worked on less biting and running around the legs.  He did really well for this.

He is doing really well with all his behaviors and I worked him on most of them today.  He was coming up from the down position for stay early so I had to shrink the time down to 5 sec. to get a good rep in with him for that. All in all a solid training session.

6:00pm – play time and dinner.

8:00pm – play time and walk.

10:00pm – play time and walk.

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