Puppy Training Day 21


This morning it was cold and sunny.

07:30am – Babe had a great morning – his 2 cups of food in the morning, 2 hot dogs and 2 cups of food for dinner are making him a tubby little low rider 🤣 But we want to ALWAYS have the fattest puppy who will still work. All that tubbiness is fuel for growth.

He peed, pooped 3 times and accompanied me to get breakfast.

11:00am – Session 1.

As always Babe was amazing. We hit crate, place, down, name recall and then went to the training field. I wanted to walk around and let him snoof and foof – then hit him with a recall.

He nailed it every time.

Then we did ultimate workout until he went into a down panting for air!

4:00pm – Session 2

Today Babe was super sharp.  It was one of those days where he was on and looking for the direction of what we were going to do and then acting right away.  His come is coming along great and I was able to get it from about 6 feet away.

We spent the majority of the time in the field with me on the grass playing ball and giving him lots of love and scratches.  The goal was to make sure he was biting on the ball and not my hands or any part of me. 

He did great with this. 

Again puppies need to bite and chew.  This is super important for their teeth and development.  When we are working with them we are not telling them they can’t bite just that they can’t bite us.  All chewing and biting should always be directed toward a toy, however I use a ball and have found great success in using this.

6:00pm – play time and dinner.

8:00pm – play time and walk.

10:00pm – play time and walk.

Some things to think about:

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