Puppy Training Day 34


This morning it was cold and sunny.

07:30am – Babe had a great morning – he got to bark at some dogs who were taking a walk, peep, poop, drink water from a different spot than normal and of course breakfast!

11:00am – session 1

Babe had a great session. Overall he is progressing very well in all of his behaviors. I took him from behavior chains to specific behaviors. It’s hard to believe that a 95 day old puppy can do the things he can.

After the session we worked on him learning secondary reinforcement. This means instead of getting hot dog for a job well done he is rewarded with something he loves – like a game, a toy or tactile. He rocked that part of the session.

He also got 1 rep at the flirt pole. He definitely enjoys it!

4:00pm – session 2

Babe did awesome – very focused. But that was because we started with ultimate workout to get some energy out of him.

6:00pm – play time and dinner.

7:30pm – play time and 1.5 mile walk.

10:00pm – play time and walk.

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